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Sterling Surfaces is a group of Solid Surface fabricators, designers, and engineers. Using advanced thermoforming techniques and CNC and digital based fabrication, we help you realize your designs, taking them from conception to completion. We have worked with architects, designers, and homeowners for 30 years using materials such as Dupont CORIAN®, Porcelanosa KRION®, LG Hi-Macs®, Avonite Surfaces, Formica Solid Surface, Wilsonart Solid Surface and the like.

Corian Signs

 Corian signs are a great application both indoors and outdoors. Because of Corian's unique acrylic formulation you are able to machine Corian just as you would wood products, but with many more benefits. Let's take a look at a couple of those benefits.

 1- There is no painting required. All wood signs need to be painted or sealed with a sealer or varnish. This protects the signs from wood rot. This would especially be needed in an outdoor setting. This is not necessary with Corian. You simply rout the sign along with some sanding steps and you have a sign that will last a lifetime, free of the maintenance a sign made out of wood would need.

 2 - Corian is nonporous. Why is that a benefit? A nonporous surface means germs can't survive on it. Hospitals know this and use Corian signs on a frequent basis throughout their buildings. The nonporous surface is a maintenance personnel's dream. Dirt can’t settle on the surface. A quick wipe of a rag removes any dirt that might accumulate.

 What also makes Corian a better option than wood is that not only can you engrave into Corian, you also can rout out letters or logos out of a different Corian color and insert them into the Corian.



Recently we assisted a local sign maker Wass Arthur Signs (  on an outdoor hospital project they were doing. Our part of the job required us to use our CNC to rout out the letters and hospital logo.

 Please enjoy the followings pictures. Remember: Corian isn’t just for countertops!