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Sterling Surfaces is a group of Solid Surface fabricators, designers, and engineers. Using advanced thermoforming techniques and CNC and digital based fabrication, we help you realize your designs, taking them from conception to completion. We have worked with architects, designers, and homeowners for 30 years using materials such as Dupont CORIAN®, Porcelanosa KRION®, LG Hi-Macs®, Avonite Surfaces, Formica Solid Surface, Wilsonart Solid Surface and the like.

Sterling Surfaces Gets a Little Greener!


Earth month is here and we have a great way to celebrate. We are happy to announce that Sterling Surfaces / Kitchen Associates is now an official electric vehicle charging station! We are located at 76 Leominster Rd. Sterling, MA.

Come by and charge your electric vehicle for free as you browse our beautiful, 2 story kitchen and bath showroom. The charging station is located on the left side of our building and will be available during normal business hours. Just help yourself to the power!

We are happy to be able to provide this service for our friends and customers and at the same time do a little something to preserve our precious environment.

View us on PlugShare.

Kitchen Associates Charging Station.jpg

Crea Diffusion and Sterling Surfaces Host International Student Shop Tour

Recently Sterling Surfaces was honored to host a group of students from the Regional Technical School Building Trades and Construction, located in Montigny, Metz, France. The trip was sponsored by Thierry Delles of Crea-Diffusion, a cutting-edge Solid Surface fabrication company located in Solnge, amongst the farmlands and rolling hills of the Alsace-Lorraine region in the northeast of France.

During their visit, the students were shown how Sterling Surfaces uses complex software to create 3D Solid Surface thermoform shapes. The tour continued into the shop where demonstrations on thermoforming, 4-axis CNC work, fabrication, and sanding were given.

It was a pleasure to share with these attentive and interested students as Thierry explained the processes demonstrated, many of which are similar to those used at Crea Diffusion. It was fascinating to observe the respect they have for Thierry. Later, we learned from Thierry's employees that often, students graduating from Montigny are hired by Crea-Diffusion. It's a very desirable job to be employed by them, as they are known for the respect the show their employees and for giving back to the community. And they create world-class solid surface applications so the students get to be a part of an exciting profession. All at Sterling appreciated having such an outstanding and interested group of students visitinh; it was an honor for us. Much credit goes to the teachers and staff that came with them!

“The French Team” of educators:

Mr. Eric ACKEL- Teacher in the Joinery program

Mr. Jean Pierre CECILE- Math and Physics teacher

Mrs. Isabelle KERNER- French and History/Geography teacher

Mrs. Véronique BIDON- French and English teacher

I encourage you to view the school web-site. It's very impressive! You can also view their travel blog at

It was a fun day here for the staff of Sterling Surfaces. Giving back to our industry is something we take pride in, and we are honored to know Thierry & Isabel Delles and everyone at Crea Diffusion.  

Corian Pool


When you think of Corian, the first thought that probably comes to your mind is countertops. Hence, the idea of a Corian pool might sound a bit unusual as an application. So when Roger Ferris & Partners from Westport, CT, approached us with the thought of cladding an outdoor pool with Corian, we were naturally very interested.

The idea was to clad a 15 feet wide by 77 feet long concrete pool with Corian on all four sides, the top and the coping return.

The first challenge was to figure out how the weather would affect the Corian. The pool was located in Long Island, NY, and experiences all four seasons of weather in full force, ranging from occasional 100 degree temperatures in the summer to frigid winter nights with temperatures often below zero and its fair share of windchill, being a stone’s throw from the Atlantic.

Another challenge was creating a way to apply the Corian to the interior concrete pool monolith. We had to take into consideration the co-efficient of expansion/ contraction along with the weight of the panels.

Also, how would Corian deal with the effects of UV exposure? Would the Corian fade? Would it be too hot to touch?

Here’s what we found:

  • Effects of the sun: There can be some fading similar to what you would find in other outdoor materials.  The key is to pick a color that will fade minimally based on the manufacturer’s accelerated weathering tests. The color chosen for this project was Corian Strawberry Ice.
  • Hot to touch: Have you ever touched playground equipment on a hot summer day?On sunny days, Corian gets warm much like other materials. Proper education to the end user is advised.
  • Maintaining integrity of the panels: If not applied correctly, serious structural issues can result with the Corian. Without divulging proprietary information we can tell you the cladding is supported by a substructure that supports the weight and still allows the Corian to move as needed.

The end result was that the job could be done. The work was completed in the spring of 2012.

Enjoy this photo of the pool. For more pictures of our work to look at, please visit our website. Link:

Corian Signs

 Corian signs are a great application both indoors and outdoors. Because of Corian's unique acrylic formulation you are able to machine Corian just as you would wood products, but with many more benefits. Let's take a look at a couple of those benefits.

 1- There is no painting required. All wood signs need to be painted or sealed with a sealer or varnish. This protects the signs from wood rot. This would especially be needed in an outdoor setting. This is not necessary with Corian. You simply rout the sign along with some sanding steps and you have a sign that will last a lifetime, free of the maintenance a sign made out of wood would need.

 2 - Corian is nonporous. Why is that a benefit? A nonporous surface means germs can't survive on it. Hospitals know this and use Corian signs on a frequent basis throughout their buildings. The nonporous surface is a maintenance personnel's dream. Dirt can’t settle on the surface. A quick wipe of a rag removes any dirt that might accumulate.

 What also makes Corian a better option than wood is that not only can you engrave into Corian, you also can rout out letters or logos out of a different Corian color and insert them into the Corian.



Recently we assisted a local sign maker Wass Arthur Signs (  on an outdoor hospital project they were doing. Our part of the job required us to use our CNC to rout out the letters and hospital logo.

 Please enjoy the followings pictures. Remember: Corian isn’t just for countertops!



New bowl style - the Rialta

We are pleased to introduce Sterling Surface’s newest creation in bowl designs. The Rialta.

The Rialta bowl measures 15.75” front to back, 23.5” left to right, and a depth of 5.5”. Rialta’s sleek angles gives it a crisp, sharp look unlike any other Solid Surface bowl.

Mounting methods range from under-mount to semi-vessel bowl applications.

The Rialta bowl is ADA compatible and can be mounted to a variety of surfaces such as, granite, concrete, engineered stone, and of course Solid Surface.

Through a unique and cost effective thermoforming process, the Rialta bowl can be made from any color acrylic Solid Surface such as, Corian, LG Hausys, Staron, Formica, Avonite and Wilsonart

Architects, Designers, Fabricators, and Homeowners please call for pricing. Specification drawings are available for review.

Please use specification #Rialta2315

Contact-Jon Olson
1-800-229-3321 ext 237 

"Sterling Surfaces turned around my bias against solid surface materials"

We are so excited about the recent blog Paul Anater of Kitchen and Residential Design has written about Sterling Surfaces.

It's always nice to hear someone say nice things about your company. But, what was equally as exciting is what Paul said about Solid
Surface. Paul, we couldn't agree more.

Click here to see what Paul had to say. While you are there, check out the other fine articles Paul has written about Kitchen Design.

Solid Surface Countertop Replacement

So your Kitchen needs a makeover? Exciting!

But, a custom kitchen can cost tens of thousands. Any options?

What about replacing the most used item in your kitchen… your countertop.

It’s surprising what a difference just a countertop replacement can make. Consider the benefits:

  • Installing a new Solid Surface countertop can cost a fraction of a typical kitchen remodel with a fantastic new look! 
  • A countertop replacement only takes one day. Kitchen installs typically take 1-2 weeks or more, that's 1-2 weeks without a usable kitchen!
  • Choosing the right surface for its workable characteristics actually makes for a smart choice, not just beauty that’s on the surface.

Many times the importance of the countertop appearance and workability is overlooked. Really, a great kitchen design should include thought given to what surface works best for the application. One surface we like to recommend is Solid Surface, recognized by Brand names such as Dupont™ Corian®, LG Hi-Macs®, Avonite®, Wilsonart™ solid surface, Samsung™, Staron®, and Formica™ solid surface.
Let’s start by defining what solid surface is. It comes in sheet form, and is made of acrylic resin and the mineral- alumina trihydrate (ATH), making for a non-toxic and very renewable product. Because it's non-porous it makes life for germs very difficult, important in the world we live in now.
When you think of that worn out kitchen top you have currently what don't you like about it? Is the backsplash coming loose? Or is the front edge coming away from the top? Maybe it never fit correctly against the wall. Perhaps there are stains that you can’t get out? Maybe you’re tired of sealing your granite top once a year so you can use peanut butter and lemon juice? How about letting your top work for you instead of you working for it?
Putting in a Solid Surface top eliminates all of those problems! Let’s look at the value.
The value begins with how easy it is to install a Solid Surface top.  The installation crew will template right over your existing top, and you can still use your top until the day the new one arrives. The day of install the crew takes out the old top and handles disposal of the top. Then the new tops go in. We usually tell customers to have their plumber arrive around 2 pm that afternoon to reconnect the sink.
The results can be stunning! The design options available using Solid Surface make it a designer’s dream surface. Here’s why:

Among the brands of Solid Surface, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. Some prefer neutral tones that work coordinating with many colors. Solid Surface has solid whites and off-whites, something many surfaces can’t provide.
Edge Profiles
Now you have a chance to pick an edge you want. Solid Surface allows freedom to rout virtually any edge profile. For a cost far less than other surfaces.
Wow where do we start! There are 4 different types of splash:

  • Loose splash

Typically about 3-4” high, loose splash is applied with water proof silicone. It doesn't have to be the same color of your top. You could get a little crazy and ask for a different color to achieve a look. Why not add a few inlays? 




  • Cove backsplash

Give your countertop that classic custom look. Scribed to the wall, it adapts to the imperfections in your walls creating a monolithic effect your friends will envy your kitchen for. Maximum ease of cleaning and value for the price.




  • Tile cove

One of our favorite ideas! A radiused front ledge 3/8” x 3/8” seamed into the top to accept wall tile. Solid Surface tops with ceramic tile backsplash makes for a stunning use of dissimilar materials to create a one-of-a-kind design unique to your kitchen. Now that’s a facelift!



  • Full height Splash

This usually goes up to the height of the cabinets. Patterns, inlays, directional lines can all be added to simulate the grout lines in a ceramic tile backsplash.
Talk about hygienic!


Custom Solid Surface sinks
Why be tied into a sink that everyone else has. Solid Surface allows you to create your version of the sink of your dreams. If you’re a professional designer or have a knack for it this customizable feature gives you the freedom you need to create the worktop of your dreams.

Like anything else, each option has its cost considerations, but all of them are much less expensive than a complete kitchen remodel.

Solid Surface Tops - your way to a quick and rewarding kitchen makeover!

The ICFF and Sterling Surfaces, What an Incredible Week!

We just completed an incredible week at the ICFF show held in New York City May 15-18 2010.

Just walking the show floor was a living demonstration of how Solid Surface is becoming a designers dream. You name it and the designers were using Solid Surface; for  sinks, furniture, picnic benches, thermoformed walls and more.

We were happy to help out with some of our partners as well with their show floor exhibits plus after hours functions.

2010 LG Hausys Student Design Challenge With Aloft Hotels

For this event we worked with LG Hausys and Starwood Hotels design team to help young design student Ben Fullerton from the University of Wisconsin Stout create his design the .ari chair. Sterling Surfaces contributed the engineering, CNC machining, thermoforming and sanding to make the chair come to life. It was a blast! Please enjoy our video documenting the fabrication process.


LG Hausys ICFF Party at Milk Studio, NYC

When LG Hausys decides to have a party they do it right. Picture this:

Sunday night, New York City at the Milk Studios Penthouse, overlooking the Hudson River with a stunning sunset, and a lively crowd. Wow what a night!

Sterling Surfaces fabricated the DJ booth complete with LED lights pulsing away in sync with the music.  Using Opal from the Lucent series, illuminated by multicolor LED light strands, the DJ booth was a hit at the party.

We also worked closely with the Starwood’s design team to create beautiful displays out of LG Hausys Spectrum Orange to highlight each of the 3 Student Design winners.

The look was stunning. The team at Starwood showed why they are so good at what they do!

Here are some more photos from the event.


AFNY is a premier plumbing supply company based in New York City. AfNY has contracted with Sterling Surfaces to be the supplier for their new Kathy Chia designed Recessed Sink and Cabinet out of Corian Glacier White. What a great surprise to learn that since we made the prototype, this model has won several design awards. Truly a testament Kathy Chia’s design expertise and AFNY’s discriminating taste in product selection.



Overall, an outstanding week for Sterling Surfaces, working with clients and forming new relationships.

See you at  NeoCon!

Shop Tour Highlights

Our shop tour was a huge success. The 5 LG Surfaces Student Design Challenge finalists, Benjamin Fullerton, Mallory McGaughy, Sergio Mondragon, James Petras, and Lily Zhang, loved getting their hands "dirty" with solid surface.

In addition to our friends from LG Surfaces, Mike Tasch, Ferron Dunham, Christal Gress and Haley Davison, we were also pleased to have such honored guests as Glenn Ramussen - Gensler, Chris Crowell - Hotel World Network, Kelly Gaddes - FRCH Design, Katie Gerfen - Hanley Wood, Matthew Ward - BLT Architects, and Clodagh - Clodagh Design.

The afternoon began with a presentation by Sterling Surfaces General Manager, Grant Garcia, on the endless design possibilities of solid surface.

The guests were then divided into groups for the shop tour. 5 stations were set up throughout the shop demonstrating thermoforming, CNC machining, mould and form making, seaming, and finishing.

We would like to thank everyone for coming, and a special thanks to the team at LG Surfaces for sponsoring such a successful event.

For more photos of the event, please click HERE.


Sterling Surfaces to host shop tour for the 2010 LG Surfaces Student Design Challenge.


We are very excited about next week. On April 1, 2010 Sterling Surfaces will host a shop tour that will include the five finalists for the 2010 LG Surfaces Student Design Challenge. Out of the 5 finalists, 3 will be chosen. Their winning entries will be fabricated and showcased at the ICFF show in New York City on May 15-18, 2010
We plan on having live demonstrations of thermoforming, finishing, and 3D routing on our CNC.
For more information on the contest, click here.
If you are a designer or architect looking to learn more about LG Surfaces please give us a call. After all it's too good of a product to be kept a secret.

Please Help a Dear Friend and His Family

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Dear Friends,

A week ago, Kevin Cole's 18 year-old son, Aron, was hit by a drunk driver. Aron suffered severe head injuries and has been on the brink of death ever since with less than a 20% chance of surviving. He had just celebrated his 18th birthday the week before.

Kevin, editor of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces magazine and valued ISFA staff member, is a single father with two additional children at home, ages 12 and 13. He is doing all he can to be a Dad to the younger children and still be there for his son, who is in a hospital three hours from home. It is a very difficult time for Kevin and his family. I know he would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

The man who hit Aron had just gotten his license back three days earlier after having had it suspended. The night of the wreck he was kicked out of two bars before getting into his car. He ran a stop sign and hit Aron. At this point it is not clear if the driver even had insurance.

To assist Kevin with his mounting expenses ISFA has set up a fund. If you wish to contribute using a credit card, please call the ISFA office at 877.464.7732. You may also contribute online via PayPal by visiting and clicking on the Aron Cole Fund. Please know that 100% of the funds will go to Kevin's family.

Kevin has many responsibilities to juggle and he asks his friends and colleagues in the decorative surfacing industry to have patience and bear with him as he works through this crisis. I would also recommend that you do not call Kevin on his phone due to the abundance of distractions he already faces. What he needs most now is your support and prayers.


Russ Lee
ISFA Executive Director


heart image

Toll Free:



LG 2010 Student Design Challenge - Fabrication Webinar

Are you submitting a design for the 2010 student design challenge? improve your chance of winning - join us for a fabrication webinar

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Sterling Surfaces - a fabrication partner of the 2010 Student Design Challenge - is hosting a webinar focused on the fabrication of LG Hausys HI-MACS Solid Surface. 

If you plan on submitting a design idea for the 2010 competition or are simply curious about the solid surface fabrication process, be sure to join us for the webinar on

Wednesday, February 24th at 2pm EST

Register for the webinar HERE

About Sterling Surfaces

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Sterling Surfaces is a Solid Surface fabrication company with over 400 year's cumulative experience working with solid surface materials. Located near Boston Massachusetts, it is known world-wide for it's cutting edge fabrication processes such as 3D thermoforming and digital based machining, to fabricating some of the solid surface industry's most iconic projects.

Sterling Surfaces has fabricated numerous design projects using LG Hausys HI-MACS Solid Surfaces, including recent projects at the new W Hotel in New York City and Syracuse University (pictured).

Sterling Surfaces is committed to helping the design world see the endless possibilities of Solid Surface.

"Best of Show" - Sterling Surfaces

 photos by baumgartfoto

Sterling Surfaces is happy to announce that it has won “Best of Show” for its entry in the “Innovations in Design” competition last week at ICE, the International Countertop Expo, in Las Vegas.

The winning design was Philips Medical System’s Ambient Experience solid surface casework with Dupont Corian for imaging labs, fabricated and installed in 2009 at the University of California Medical Center- Irvine. This is part of Philips Medical Systems Ambient experience used in MRI rooms in hospitals thru out the country.

For the 4th time in 12 years Sterling Surfaces has won “Best of Show” Once again, we are sincerely honored to receive this award. It recognizes the commitment of our entire staff to collaborate with Architects and Designers, to provide proven fabrication and maximize the unparalleled value of solid surface materials, meeting the design and product specifications of the most demanding designs.

Sterling Surfaces invites Designers and Architects to learn more about its award winning work with solid surface and the Architectural & Design communities. 

Sterling Surfaces is a full service Master Fabricator, offering engineering to installation and every thing in between.

For more information please contact Jon Olson.

Syracuse University Completion

 photos by baumgartfoto

After months of hard work, we have finally completed a large job at Syracuse University, NY. The design of the new cafeteria building required the thermoforming of many sheets of LG Hi-Macs. Solid surface makes an ideal material for food service installations like this. It is easy to clean and maintain, and does not contribute to bacteria growth. Below is a brief video of the finished installation. For additional photos, please visit our gallery.

Thermoforming Solid Surface

Thermoforming oven and vacuum table at Sterling Surfaces

One of the great advantages of solid surface is that it can be heated and bent into many different designs through a process called thermoforming. The process involves heating the material to approximately 160 degrees celsius for specified periods of time.  

When heated, the material becomes very pliable. It is immediately put onto molds used for vacuum forming or two part matched molds. Within 30 minutes the material is cool to the touch and retains its new shape. It’s a remarkable process that’s yields some very impressive, 3 dimensional designs considering it started as a flat sheet!

What kind of design ideas can you take advantage of with thermoformed solid surface? Virtually any shape imagined can be formed with solid surface. Wood and some other materials can also be formed but nothing can touch the seamless look of formed solid surface. The cost can be a plus as well. Shapes can be achieved for a lot less cost than conventional woodworking, metal, or plastic techniques. The great results attained with thermoforming create a very luxurious look…often times for less money.

Thermoforming adds just one more benefit to an already great material, one that is renewable (even damaged surfaces can be repaired to look as good as new),  seamless, non porous, and moisture resistant. Solid surface’s thermoforming ability coincides very nicely with the advent of computer assisted designs, and the ever increasing ability for humans to design 3D objects and transfer digitized geometries into a digital work format for fabrication. Certainly, no other material comes close to the thermoforming ability of solid surface.

Here a just a few applications. Through the use of thermoforming many outstanding design plans have been realized. All projects listed were fabricated by Sterling Surfaces.

Outdoor Bench - CorianChair - CorianOffice Cubicle - LG SurfacesOutdoor Lampshade - CorianTable - CorianNightstand - LG Surfaces

Modular Dining Unit - CorianReception Desk - Corian